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Bio Fluf is made with a cotton byproduct and Texas Earth Bio Nectar 100% organic soil amendment. 


- 328% water holding capacity
- Utilized beneficial microbes for improved soil health
- NPK 4.5-1.5-4.5
- Increases Organic matter
- Patent Pending


Bio Nectar gives you the following benefits:
~Improves overall soil health
~Reduces soil compaction, allowing water to flow more freely and roots to spread 
~Increases the nutrient uptake from the soil into your growing plants
~Actually reduces the amount of water you need to use to keep your plants healthy!


All the magic happens when Bio Fluf is mixed into the top 3-4 inches of soil and watered. Bio Fluf will hold on to the water, making your soil moist and will release the Bio Nectar, in turn giving your plants AND soil the food they need.


Our completely natural Bio Nectar is made from earthworm castings, molasses and kelp and produced with the presence of oxygen, which promotes activity in the plant roots. Most other soil amendments are produced without oxygen so they can have long shelf lives. However, we produce our products in the presence of oxygen so that you will have a more complete and balanced product, and one that promotes better healing of your soil.


Incorporate into soil as shown below, then water normally.
1 packed cup of Bio Flüf will treat:
12 - 1 pint containers
6 - 1 quart containers
1 - 1 gallon pot

Bio Fluf - 10 cups

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