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There are many reasons to use this natural and OMRI-certified product in your home landscape and garden beds. Below are just a few reasons why worm castings are part of the Texas Earth program!


Top 4 reasons – we say “O-MAN !”:

  • “O” – Organic Matter content. Soil must have an organic matter

    content of 3% to sustain plant life. Our castings contain 18% -

    25% organic matter! Mix it in & watch it work.

  • “M” – Microbial activity. Helpful microbes move in to convert

    organic matter into nutrients that the plant roots need.

  • “A” – Aggregation of the soil. Castings and microbes promote a binding of soil particles called Aggregation – which helps the soil

    to retain more water and prevent runoff.

  • “N” – Nitrates. Microbes also convert available Nitrogen into a

    chemical that plants thrive on – Nitrates


Other side benefits of castings:

  • Though results vary from family to family, castings have been proven to increase yield by 30-40% in some cases

  • The natural chemicals found in worm excretion promote resistance to many plant diseases & provide seed inoculation.

  • These same chemicals provide natural resistance against pests like mites, aphids and mealy bugs.

  • When used in their natural form, castings slowly release all these great natural bio-benefits over a 6-8 week period.

It’s safe and completely ORGANIC.

  • Our castings are OMRI-certified!

  • Completely non-toxic, safe for children & pets

  • Absolutely no harm to plants if over-applied

  • Odor FREE!


It’s easy to apply:
Can be used their natural, granular form, or mixed into liquid form (“worm tea”) to be applied locally, or broadcast over lawns and crops.



Bulk Bags - Call or email Texas Earth for a quote. Availability and pricing vary with quantity.

2,000 lb /2-yd bags for bulk application/mixing.

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