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Lavishing all the attention in the world on your garden plants won't do much good if your soil isn't healthy. 


Our Bio Nectar 100% organic soil amendment brings your soil back to life -- literally! It is made from beneficial microorganisms that reinvigorate your soil and allow all your growing plants to thrive. 


Bio Nectar gives you the following benefits:
~Improves overall soil health
~Reduces soil compaction, allowing water to flow more freely and roots to spread 
~Increases the nutrient uptake from the soil into your growing plants
~Actually reduces the amount of water you need to use to keep your plants healthy!


Bio Nectar is a completely natural product that re-balances your soil by "healing" it, bringing it to its very best state with microbial life. Soil isn't just dirt! Soil is the living foundation for your healthy plants. It isn't just food for your plants; it's food for your soil.


But most soil has been stripped of nutrients and life, thereby decreasing its effectiveness in producing healthy plants, and also the bountiful crops of fruits and vegetables you are seeking to grow. 


Bio Nectar helps all plant roots by helping them absorb and process nutrients. 


Our completely natural Bio Nectar is made from earthworm castings, molasses and kelp and produced with the presence of oxygen, which promotes activity in the plant roots. Most other soil amendments are produced without oxygen so they can have long shelf lives. However, we produce our products in the presence of oxygen so that you will have a more complete and balanced product, and one that promotes better healing of your soil.


1 oz mixed with water treats 1000 square feet! Easy and convenient to use on house plants, outdoor and raised bed gardens, trees and shrubs and even compost piles!


Basically, Bio Nectar brings you great results on every living plant you want to grow, completely natural, and with long-lasting benefits to our earth's most necessary natural resource: soil. 


OMRI certified product
Approved by the California Department of Agriculture

Bio Nectar Dry - 24 oz

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